The Healing Prayer Vigil

Suitable for both individual Prayer Partners and Weekly Prayer Partner Groups

Click here for the Healing Prayer Vigil (as a printer-friendly PDF).

Preparing for the Vigil 

Establish a special place for this Vigil. Include whatever would help to make it especially sacred for you.

For example:-

  • Crystals
  • Candles
  • Photos
  • Statuary
  • Bowls
  • Flowers
  • A special cloth
  • Special books, etc…..

Use each week’s list of Prayer Recipients names (we email a List to you, as a Prayer Partner, every Monday)  – or hand write the names on small individual cards.
As shown by Dr Emoto, the loving intent with which each name is written is an important aspect of this Healing Prayer Practice (it helps the Healing Recipient – at a soul level – acknowledge their divine wholeness).
By understanding that we are all part of the Divine we are able to anchor our thoughts in wholeness.

Keep the cards or the list in a glass bowl that is either held during the Vigil or placed on a table (or in the centre if you form a Prayer Group).
Note: we make no mention of any illness or condition as we totally refute the power of illusion.

Just before the Vigil light a candle and some incense; put on a soft piece of meditative music if that usually helps to centre you.
Sit in the lotus position – or on an upright chair, if that is more comfortable.

The Healing Prayer Vigil

At the appointed time follow the short Vigil detailed below (Healing Prayer Vigil as printer-friendly PDF).

(An opening prayer):-

Dear God,
Great Spirit of the Universe,
Loving creator of our bodies and our souls
We give you grateful thanks for life itself.
We acknowledge the wholeness and love that we are.
We affirm the Divine within us and within everyone and everything else.
We dedicate ourselves to your Will, expressing Itself through us.
We submit to your great Purpose with all our Un-knowing;
and we do so with faith and with gratitude.
We understand the transforming power of love and we pledge ourselves to be this Love consciously.
We ask you to help us to empty ourselves;
and to make of us hollow bones ……that we may be filled with your most healing love.
We ask that we now be a channel of your healing Light;
and that all that seek may find
and all that ask may be answered.
Please guide our footsteps and our every action, to the everlasting delight of Divine Being.
We surrender ourselves into your care and use.

And now we hold in perfect wholeness all those who have asked us to embrace them in their absolute perfection.
We see only their truth, their light, their love, their peace, their harmony, their Christ-light, their Buddha-hood.

They are truly already whole and we give thanks for their wholeness.

Take Ten Minutes To:-

Find your inner silence and stillness…..
Let it expand into your Loving Wholeness…..
Attune with it until it becomes Boundless….
Embrace all of Humanity whilst being aware of holding/directing your attention and intention toward those people on the Healing Prayer list or whose energised cards you hold.

Simply hold the intention to BE the wholeness you acknowledge everyone who has sought healing already IS……

Let yourself merge with Divine consciousness, free of thoughts, ideas, wishes or expectations.
Hold this loving focussed energy for the full ten minutes (egg/stove timer helps!)

Then …

(A short ending prayer of thanks from your heart…..) such as…….
And now we give thanks and gratitude to everyone we hold as Whole and hold wholly in Divine Light.
We recognise them only as perfect and beautiful beings of pure harmony and Light.
May each of them be blessed by the Divine; and may each of us that hold these beings of love in their perfection always be equally blessed in all ways.
May all sentient beings be thus blessed and held in Wholeness. So be it.

Leave the bowl on your altar until next time…..