The Worldwide Healing Prayer Vigil is an initiative of The Community of the Heart, Australia.

We invite you – no matter where you live on this beautiful planet – to join us as a Healing Prayer Partner in sending healing to those brothers and sisters across the globe who are hurting. 

You may be an individual willing to offer a short time each day or each week to offer Healing Prayer to those in need – or you may be able to form a small Healing Prayer Group that formally meets once a week to offer Healing Prayer……..we welcome all to share in our interfaith offering to those who are hurting and in need.

We welcome all that are hurting, ill, suffering from cancer, heart problems, serious illness or depression, or any other of life’s many accidents, pains, fears and emotional traumas.

Simply email us for assistance and we will arrange for groups and individuals across the world to support you with Healing Prayer.

We are a small, non-religious, spiritual organisation dedicated to helping all humanity find healing and wholeness.

We are committed to helping every individual find “the Divine Within” and thus live a fulfilled life of kindness, compassion  and love!

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We welcome you to our Prayer Vigil

Peace Be Within You!
The Community of the Heart, Australia

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