Healing Prayer for Your Pets

We also send healing prayer to hurt animals, both large and small. Cats, dogs, horses, donkeys…..all God’s creatures benefit from loving, healing energy.

Naturally, all animals ultimately must pass over – but sometimes we have witnessed amazing transformation through this Prayer Service.


An immobile donkey which a vet wanted to put down before we were asked to send healing happily returned to its paddock in perfect agility after just three days!

A listless and lifeless cat which a veterinary cardiologist said was about to die was, according to its owner, “wooshing around the house as if it was a youngster again” within 48 hours of being sent healing! A month later it was still “wooshing around the house”…….

Its owner is now totally confused by the change as you can imagine…….

As with human healing there is NO fee or charge of any kind for this Service.

Knowing that many people are praying for your pet can benefit both them and you, yourself.

For animal prayers we request a photo of the animal as well as brief details of their ailment.

We generally pray for animals for up to 4 weeks; and thereafter by repeat request.

Please send your request, with a photo, to  les@lesdyer.com